Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ethnic Queen Magazine Ethnic Model Casting Calls 2017 Model Search

Ethnic Queen Magazine Ethnic Model Casting Calls 2017 Model Search

Ethnic Queen Magazine Official International Model Casting Calls 2017 For Female Ethnic Models, Female Indian Models, Female Asian Models, Female Latina Models, Female African Models, Female Native American Models, Female Mixed Race Models, Female African American Models, Female Desi Models, Female Middle Eastern Models, and Female East Indian Models ages 18-35 that are proud of their ethnic beauty and culture.

Ethnic Queen Magazine is published by the International Beauty Movement who also publishes the internationally known and very popular Ripping Runways Magazine, Girl 9 Bikini Magazine, Project Couture Magazine, and Salon Savvy Magazine.

Ethnic Queen Magazine is the newest magazine to the International Beauty Movement publishing family that over 200 models worldwide are submitting their photo portfolios to be a possible feature model in this very new and popular magazine..

Ethnic Beauty Magazine is an online magazine that celebrates the amazing beauty of ethnic women, the vibrant culture, and the unique diversity that beautiful aspiring ethnic models worldwide bring to the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industry.

If you are a beautiful aspiring ethnic model age 18-35 that is interested in an incredible print modeling opportunity that could take your modeling career to the next level and open up modeling opportunities in the professional print modeling industry, commercial modeling industry and entertainment industry, as well as help you build an impressive modeling portfolio that could increase your modeling job opportunities, and gain worldwide exposure as a print model or commercial model, then you will want to respond to this International Magazine Casting Call For “Ethnic Queen Magazine” if you are a beautiful aspiring Female Indian Model, Female Asian Model, Female Latina Model, Female African Model, Female Native American Model, Female Mixed Race Model, Female African American Model, Female Desi Model, Female Middle Eastern Model, or a Female East Indian Model.

We are giving you the amazing opportunity to be a possible feature model in the next issue of Ethnic Queen Magazine, which could be the high profile modeling opportunity that takes your aspiring modeling career to the next level and opens doors to so many great paying jobs and opportunities in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Are you ready to take your aspiring modeling career to the next level as an ethnic model?

To apply for consideration as a feature ethnic model For Ethnic Queen Magazine, you will need to submit a professionally written bio with your  age, your  city, state, or country,  your height, weight, measurements, your email address, and phone number  and 12 -20 recent professional full body high resolution photos in formal dress clothing or your native country clothing, casual clothing, and lingerie or bikini, please submit no less than 12-20 of your most recent and most impressive full body professional high resolution photos (that are no older than 12 months) with no writing on them, no logos, or photographer watermarks or signatures.

Submit 12 -20 recent full body professional photos of you posing and bio with complete contact information and measurements to: internationalbeautymovement@aol.com

 All photos submitted by ethnic models will be evaluated on clothing style, creative posing, makeup and hair styling, photo shoot location, and unique ethnic look and beauty.



We do not accept photos that are older than 12 months, we do not accept camera phone photos, we do not accept photos with more than one model in it, we do not accept photos posted on other websites, we do not accept low resolution photos, we do not accept photos with writing on them, logos, or photographer signatures, and we do not accept personal photos that are taken in your home, we do not accept photos that are collages or have effects, or have borders added to them, so please do not submit none of the above or your photos will not be considered as a possible feature in Ripping Runways Magazine.

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